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Headshot of John Jessup
John Jessup
Executive Vice President
Eastman Office 
(478) 559-6160
MLO# 1748722
Headshot of Allen Long
Allen Long
Chief Lending Officer
Eastman Office
(478) 559-6141
MLO# 854838
Headshot of Jamie Sheffield
Jamie Sheffield
Chief Credit Officer
Eastman Office
(478) 559-6158
Headshot of Greg McRee
Greg McRee
Eastman Office 
(478) 559-6157
MLO #2068894
Headshot of Mell Merritt
Mell Merritt
Jones Co. Market President
Gray Office 
(478) 776-6203
MLO# 679626
Headshot of David Dyer
David Dyer
Baldwin Co. Market President 
Downtown Milledgeville Office
(478) 776-6197
MLO# 1443435
Headshot of Blair Portwood
Blair Portwood
Branch Manager/Lender
Downtown Milledgeville Office
(478) 776-6194
MLO# 1749013
Headshot of Jesse Law
Jesse Law
Branch Manager/Lender
Milledgeville Office 
(478) 776-6189 
MLO# 1557352

Headshot of Sandy Smith
Sandy Smith
Loan Underwriter & Processor  
Downtown Milledgeville Office
(478) 776-6190