Reloadable Card

Take Control of your Money

To help prevent overspending of your monthly budget goals be sure to have your Magnolia State Bank's Reloadable Visa® Card with you. This is the perfect credit card for anyone that is working within a budget. With the Reloadable Visa® Card you're allowed to load as much money as you want.  

Secure Money

Smart & Secure

Pay with Protection 
Spend only what you load
Use with no link to your other accounts. 
Your card and the money in it, are
replaceable if lost or stolen¹

Monitor Balance & Transactions
View card activity and set up text
message alerts² at

Withdraw Cash at ATMs
Call 855-887-1835 to set your PIN 
Access fee-free³ MoneyPass ATMs nationwide

Monthly Fee Per Purchase  ATM Withdrawal Cash Reload
$4.95* $0 $0 In-network/$2.50 Out-of-network $4.95

Reload with these Options
Direct Deposit 
Cash reload² options include MoneyGram®
and Wester Union®
Your financial Institution
Ingo Money™ mobile check load

Remember To check your balance or view your transaction history, visit  Funds do not expire.   

Terms & Conditions Your use of this prepaid card constitutes your acceptance of the complete terms and conditions.  For complete terms and conditions, visit or call toll free at 855-887-1835.  Before using your card, write down the card number and the phone number and keep them in a safe place for future reference. 

For general information about prepaid accounts, visit  Find details and conditions for all fees and services in the Cardholders Agreement, or call 855-887-1835 or visit


¹Card Replacement Fee $10.00. FDIC insured.  See Cardholder Agreement for details. 

²Third-party fees may apply.  Other fees may apply, see Cardholder Agreement for details. 

³While this feature is available for free, certain other transaction fees and cost, terms, and conditions are associated with the use of this Card. 

⁴For each out-of-network ATM withdrawal, MetaBank® charges a $2.50 fee.  Plus, the ATM owner may charge a fee. 

⁵From $10 to $5,000

⁶Ingo Money is a service provided by First Century Bank, N.A. and Ingo Money, Inc., subject to additional fees, terms, and conditions.  Visit for complete details.  Ingo Money is not a MetaBank service.

Use everywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted. 

†This fee can be lower depending on how and where this card is used.  No overdraft/ credit feature.  Your funds are eligible for FDIC insurance.