Cash Management Services

ACH Origination is when a business initiates electronic payment to or from multiple people or businesses at one time and the funds are directly deposited or withdrawn from their account. 

An ACH payment is a type of electronic bank-to-bank payment made through the ACH network, rather than going through the card networks such as Visa® or Mastercard®

Skip the lines and the paperwork and enjoy some free time with Online BillPay. 

Magnolia State Bank offers you and your employees business credit cards that you can manage with one statement.

Take advantage of Business Sweeps, so you are able to determine your target balance and have any excess funds transferred automatically to your interest-bearing account.

With Magnolia State Bank’s EMV MasterMoney™ Card, paying for the things you want and need just got a whole lot easier.

Eliminate the need for paper. Receive your checking and savings statements electronically.

Services like Instant Text Alerts and SecurLOCK Equip are here to reduce the chances of fraud and help you stay on top of your business account activity.

With credit and debit cards being the primary currency of consumers, having the right payment partner is critical to your business.

Magnolia State Bank’s Online Banking is completely confidential and secure.
You can access our online banking by using the following link or log in at the top of any page on our website.

If check fraud keeps you up at night, then Positive Pay may be a good option to consider for your business. 

Magnolia State Bank offers you the ability to use your statements in QuickBooks®  to easily balance your accounts. 

Eliminate the need for regular trips to the bank by allowing you to simply scan the checks that you would normally take to the bank for deposit. 

If you need to securely send funds to another person quickly, a wire transfer may be a good option.

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