Bill Pay

Pay Bills on the Go

Skip the lines and the paperwork and enjoy some free time with Bill Pay.  By using Bill Pay you can pay and receive your bills anytime, anywhere, online - directly from our online banking system.  Bill Pay is simple, fast, and completely secure.  With a simple click you can set automatic payments and schedule reminders.  Get current payment information anytime you need it.  With Bill Pay you can pay your bills in minutes without having to write checks or leave the comfort of your home.  



Benefits of Bill Pay

  • Pay any person or business - large national billers and small local billers
  • View and receive bills details
  • Schedule payments in advance
  • Set up automatic payments
  • Reminders - visual and email alerts to help not miss payments
  • Create, print, and download reports
  • User Entitlements, Payment Approvals, and Payment Invoices
  • Payment Limits, Email Alerts, optional Funds Verification and Real-time Fraud Monitoring 

How to Get Started

Contact our Customer Service to set up Bill Pay.  You will need to give them a few details about the payment that you are wanting to establish.  After getting the first initial payment set up you will be able to add other businesses or payees as you wish. 


Information You Will Need to Provide for the First Initial Payment Set-up: 

  • Payment Due Datepayment
  • Delivery Date (when you make your payment) 
  • Amount
  • Payee (The Business/Person receiving the payment)

Download our app to have Bill Pay with you on the go